Hermitage Has Purchased The Genetic Rights Of The Meidam Damline  (Formerly ACMC)

The Meidam is a synthetic sow line which has some Meishan genes. Benefits of this line are that it is a Landrace type, very agile, easy manage and low maintenance (1.020 ton/sow). It also has a low replacement rate, gentle mothers with predominantly 16 teats and high fertility.

meidiam-gpThe Meidam GP is being crossed with Hermitage Large White to produce an F1. The Meidam customers are based in Spain, Philippines and Cambodia where the Meidam program now supports approx 65,000 sows. These users are now supported by Hermitage BreedDirect, bringing its user base to over 500,000 sows worldwide . Hermitage has employed Geneticist, Mr Ed Sutcliffe to support these farms as well as company reps in these countries.


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