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Hermitage Has Purchased The Genetic Rights Of The Meidam Damline  (Formerly ACMC)

The Meidam is a synthetic sow line which has some Meishan genes. Benefits of this line are that it is a Landrace type, very agile, easy manage and low maintenance (1.020 ton/sow). It also has a low replacement rate, gentle mothers with predominantly 16 teats and high view more

Hermitage F1 Gilts at Moorepark, Ireland

The new Teagasc (Government) Research and Development farm was stocked with 200 Hermitage F1 gilts. Farrowing began in June 2016 with an average farrowing rate of 96.89 and a BA of 13.8. Hermitage staff organised the quarantine and inseminated the gilts. We wish Moorepark and this impressive facility success with all its R& D projects in the future. New Moorepark Facility pictured below:

Genomic Selection 

Hermitage has geneotyped over 2,000 pigs with a known phenotypic data over the past year.  The genotype involves reading 60,000 base pairs of DNA of individual pigs. An individual pig has approx. 3 billion base pairs in its DNA.  This information is input into a specialised computer programme where view more

New Staff Join Hermitage R & D and AI Team 

Jack Nolan and Edward Healy; who have recently graduated with degrees in Ag science have joined the Hermitage team. As students Jack and Edward worked on Hermitage farms and showed a keen interest in all areas. Hermitage are continually working on a number of R & D projects including Genomic testing, product development and AI processes. Jack Nolan (BAg Sc), Edward Healy (BAg Science), Pat Varley (PHD Ag Sc), Ann-Marie Martin (MAg Sc), Catherine Murphy (Technical Analyst), Bridget Quinlan (Technical Analyst), Liam Downey (Technical Analyst)

Synchronising Gilts Proving Very Effective

In 2015 Freneystown and Muckalee purebred units started to synchronise gilts instead of running a gilt pool and it has proved very efficient. For the first 6 months of 2016 Hermitage maternal line Landrace and Large White gilts at both units averaged a 96.4 farrowing rate and born alive of 13.6.